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Chino Valley Released Time 
    Christian Education
 “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”

Proverbs 22:6
​Dr. Jack W. Hayford
Chancellor The King's College & Seminary
Pastor John Atkinson
Calvary Chapel North Long Beach Long Beach,CA
Sally Atkinson - Director of the North Long Beach Released Time Program
"Christian Released Time Education accesses the greatest mission field in the United States: Up and down California thousands of children are experiencing the transforming power of the Word of God through Released Time Ministries. If you love kids, if you will love to see them changed through the love of Jesus Christ, this is the ministry to get involved in; this is the ministry to start in your community!"​

   What Adults Say....

  "As a Christian woman, the Released Time Christian Education program is what I consider to be one of the most       effective ways to bring    about positive society and community changes—by spiritual education of the world’s             future leaders—our youth." 

  Executive Assistant, Lowanna Owens

  "There is an element of education that is by design, missing from the public school curriculum. That element is 
  the area of spiritual education. That portion of a child’s education is vital to developing well-rounded, morally               responsible, and spiritually strong individuals who are equipped to meet the demands of the 21st century.                   Released Time Christian Education meets that need."

  Elementary school Principal, Gary McGuire

  "Parents like the teachings and value the emphasis on Christian heritage that children in Released Time classes       receive. This program provides a definitive, concrete link between school and church. For many children this             class has opened a new door, which can lead to a lifetime of commitment."

  Elementary School Principal, Linda Rice

​  What Students Say... 

  "It means a lot to me to come to Released Time because we learn about the Lord. We read the Bible and sing           songs about the Lord. It also means a lot to me because I don’t go to church but I really do like to learn abut the         Lord and want to. I couldn’t write what it all means to me on a piece of paper but I don’t have to because it’s all           in my heart."

  Jaime 5th grade

  "When it is Thursday, I look forward to coming to the trailer to learn about Jesus. I like the songs and the other           things that we learn and do. When I am eighty years old I will still remember my time in Released Time Christian       Education. I’ve learned that Jesus loves me, He always keeps his promises, and the Ten Commandments. This         is the only church that I go to. I really love the trailer and I want to learn as much as I can about Jesus."

  Anthony - 4th grade 

  "I enjoy coming to Released Time because it helped me throughout my Bible study.  The spiritual help went right       through my heart and told me how I should trust the Lord with all my heart and mind. I realized I was not a real           Christian. I really needed help at school and at home. I was so happy for the opportunity I had to come to                   Released Time to learn about the Lord. I’m very grateful for every-one that helped me during Released Time."

  Michelle 5th grade

  "Released Time showed me that I can do without sin. It showed me that Jesus is my Savior. I accepted Jesus in 
  my heart and I’ll never let Him out." 

  Billy 5th grade

   "I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart in Released Time. For some reason I felt a good feeling when I accepted       Jesus Christ into my heart. I feel that Released Time has helped me understand that I can be anything I want to         when I grow up. Not only has Jesus helped on my dreams, he helped me become better at stuff like soccer,               video games and life. Released Time has helped me a lot. I am nicer to more people. I do pray a lot more now.           If more people would join in Released Time that would be great." 

  Steven - 6th grade
"Among my earliest recollections of religious instruction is the influence of dedicated RTCE instructors.  I am still pleased to affirm this timely and effective ministry."
Pastor Jack Hibbs,
 Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
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